Black Chalkboard

  • Silver anodized aluminium frame with rounded plastic corners
  • Supreme quality gloss wood frame
  • Chalkboard surface make with Korea’s high quality enamel, (Stronger magnetic conductivity)
  • 12 months warranty period against manufacturer’s defects in material & workmanship
Product Code Dimensions
WBC23 2ft x 3ft (600 x 900mm)
WBC34 3ft x 4ft (900 x 1200mm)
WBC35 3ft x 5ft (900 x 1500mm)
WBC45 4ft x 5ft (1200 x 1500mm)
WBC46 4ft x 6ft (1200 x 1800mm)
WBC47 4ft x 7ft (1200 x 2100mm)
WBC48 4ft x 8ft (1200 x 2400mm)

We are able to fully customise your chalkboard to your needs. Call us at 6363 2377.